Looking back and moving forward

My 7 lessons from last year were one way to reflect on the last 12 months, but there was also my to do list from the start of the year


  • Write every day- I realise now that while I may not publish a post every day, I do write every day- it is something of a compulsion and the day does not feel right unless I have sat in front of the PC and written something.( I did this, sometimes with a pen and paper, or on my phone or tablet, but mission accomplished!)
  • Self-host, which basically means new URL, and other fun stuff. (not done, still pondering direction of blog)
  • Survey my readers so I know who you are, what you like and what you want. (Not done, still pondering what to ask)
  • Tinker with look of blog- am on somewhat of a tinkering drive at home. (didn’t happen)
  • Blog 2-3 times per week (It averaged out to 2-3 tmes a week, as there were some gaps when I lost my mojo)

Achievement – 40% success rate


  • #exercisestreak  which is an idea inspired by Kelly to have as many consecutive days of exercise as possible. ( lasted 5 days before I got sick and never really went more than 4-5 days at a stretch)
  • friday photos on flickr which will also be posted on Twitter with the #fp2012 tag (lasted until May when I headed overseas and ran out of puff)
  • revise my Italian for an upcoming trip, which will be revealed soon (does it count if I was doing it on the plane to Rome? No, didn’t think so. However, I did find that a)immersion in the language is t e best way to learn and b) I want to do this immersion via a 6 week course in Florence :))
  • crochet project for my sister, which will also be revealed soon! (Completed!)

Achievement 25% success rate


  • Back deck sanded and oiled (It’s booked for next next with the booking having been done in November so I’m counting that)
  • Paving done in backyard (Yes!)
  • Lounge room painted (Yes!)
  • Skirting boards and doors  in house sanded and painted (No)
  • Front verandah boards replaced (It’s booked for next next with the booking having been done in November so I’m counting that)

Achievement- 80% success rate


Be more professional- a tad airy fairy, but try and find the passion that I feel I have lost in my job. (On reflection it’s a silly resolution, because dammit, I AM a professional)


  • institute one on one time with every BG (Yes, though not as often as I would have liked. Miss BG with being at kinder, got the lion’s share on the one on one time and is now a cafe connoisseur)
  • help out in Master BG’s class once a month (yes, with the exception of term 2 when we were away)
  • help out in Miss BG’s kinder once a term (yes, with the exception of term 2 when we were away)

Achievement- 100% success rate


  • Be true to myself (still a work in progress)
  • Trust my personal trainer with my personal fitness and weightloss goals (yes, until I no longer had a personal trainer :). But I have a friend and that’s pretty good too!)
  • Have fun and enjoy life (I did have fun!)

Achievement- 50% success rate

so I didn’t do everything I achieved, but I think the more important aspects were accomplished. And with any to do list, tasks are carried over to the next year :).

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