Crap- the sequel

Dave is early and knocks bang on 9am. The relief on my face at seeing him makes him say, “Looks like I got the right place!!”

He assesses the situation, and we both note with alarm that the drain has overflowed- strange as we haven’t used the water that morning. He gets on the phone to the water board, and says he’ll dash up there to get a plan for the house. He thinks there is a blockage affecting more than one house.

Dave’s assumption proves correct,  the sewerage line is a joint line shared with our neighbours, whose facilities we’ve been using :). As our house sits lower, the blockage affected our drain first.

With lots of high powered water, Dave clears the blockage, then uses a camera to check the state of the pipes. We have  tree roots in the pipes, the curse of living in a leafy neighbourhood. He nods to our lovely silver birches and suggests they may be the culprits. Bugger.

The main thing is, the pipe is clean, our drain is clean and the bill shouldn’t arrive until the New Year. After the sleeplessness of anxiety of the last two nights, I’ll be sleeping soundly tonight! And getting woken up at the crack of dawn by two excited children…

Happy Christmas! x


4 thoughts on “Crap- the sequel

  1. The same thing happened to us a little while back. We were lucky that we discovered, before we called a plumber, that the man hole up the road was over flowing. We called council and they came and unblocked it – someone had flushed underwear down the loo – as you do!!

    It was just so lucky that we noted that the man hole up the road was overflowing or we would’ve been up for a big bill. Shame you couldn’t blame the Council or whoever looks after the sewer in your area. I’d look into it if I was you – because if you can prove the blockage wasn’t from you then you shouldn’t have to pay.

    Anyway, have a merry Christmas and happy flushing!!

    • Hi Sharon, unfortunately the sewer blockage was on our property with my tree roots, so sadly not the water authority’s responsibility. But you can’t imagine how it feels so luxurious to be able to flush or take a shower! A happy Christmas to you :).

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