Blonde Venus- An Indecent Obsession

My obsession continues #crossleyst

Just around the corner from work, is a beautiful shop called Blonde Venus. It’s in Crossley Street which is also home to lots of other cool shops and eateries including Becco and Gingerboy. I have become somewhat obsessed with the dresses in this shop, as they’re beautifully structured and tailored with a waist, full skirts and some of the most divine fabrics. I will sometimes get off the train at the State Library and walk up to work, passing through the street in the early hours of the morning. For me it’s like a Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment, where you can go, have a look in the window and feel nothing can go wrong.

This lacy dress  above is the most recent one on display which would be gorgeous for the party season.

Monochromatic #crossleyst #melbourne

I see this and think Sailor suit :).

Derby Day fashion in Blonde Venus, Crossley St

This was on display just before Derby Day in early November. The black and white fabric was amazing.

Leather and chiffon at Blonde Venus #crossleyst

The leather dress with chiffon blouse screamed out for stilettos, hair in a bun, and glasses perched at the end of one’s nose- perfect for a librarian with attitude!


I usually wear black, rather than navy, but seeing this dress I would change my mind…

Coat, Blonde Venus, Crossley St

The coat! I would feel like I had stepped out of a Dior photoshoot on the streets of Paris if I ever wore this :).

I’ll keep walking past and taking photos, with a New Year resolution to finally go inside.

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