Last Days of Kinder

Rather than cram everything into the one day, our kinder’s last three sessions were all special moments.

So after a graduation ceremony, the nativity play (where someone looked adorable as a shepherd) and concert, we finally arrived at the last day of kinder for Miss BG.

It started with an 8am breakfast at McDonald, then a drop off to kinder, returning for the Christmas party.

The reindeer cupcakes went down a treat (mini pretzels, Smarties and a raspberry) and definitely passed muster with the kinder mums.

Santa Claus made an appearance, much to the delight of everyone. Miss BG asked for a penny board, much to my surprise. In fact a lot of parents got a surprise addition to the list!

And then it was the significant moments for me, signing her out for the last time, seeing her get her bag, give Naomi one last hug, then over to Jenny to give her a hug goodbye. I left pretty quickly, without saying too many goodbyes, as the whole situation was a bit emotional (I seem to be getting teary at the drop of a hat lately…)!

So that’s it- no longer a kinder mum! No more mornings of being able to go grocery shopping childless, or leisurely housework, in between periods of blogging and reading on the computer. No more surreptitious recycling of pasting masterpieces in the recycling bin. Hello to getting two school lunches ready, two uniforms to lay out, two teachers to get to know and two reading times to coordinate.

That’s all in the near future- I have a few weeks of holidays and spending precious time with two little people still happy to hang out with their mum.


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