Let’s be honest…

Honest- from XKCD.com

Honest- from XKCD.com accessed 12/12/12

This cartoon really ‘spoke’ to me today. There are times in my life when things can get a bit crazy- a health scare of your own, or of a loved one, impending changes at work or massive changes at home and you want to stop, hide in your bedroom and not ever come out. You’re afraid to tell people, because you don’t want to overwhelm or shock them. And so you try and convince yourself that as long as you don’t look panicky, everything’s ok.

I may sometimes have the facade of looking as if I’m in control, I don’t often feel it inside. A teacher at uni once remarked in a tute that I had the serenity of a nun, little realising I was inwardly panicking because I hadn’t yet started writing my essay, due the following week!

So if I’m a little bit quiet, it’s probably because I am not my usual self. I’m sure I will be soon :).


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