Top 7 Emotional Moments on TV, or when I cry like a baby

I can sometimes be a bit of a wuss when it comes to watching movies and TV shows. You’re sitting there, drawn into the minutiae of a character’s life week after week. You feel you know them, you’ve invested time in getting to know them- then suddenly, they’re not there. I’ve shed a few tears over the years at the demise of a show or a character, with these being the moments I remember beng extrmemly emotional. Not all are sad, though they do make up the majority.

1. When Molly died

A Country Practice was one of the first shows we watched together as a family. One of the more popular characters was Molly Jones, a kooky farmer who was married to Brendan, a male nurse who worked at the local hospital and mother to Chloe. As one of the more loved characters on the show it was sad to hear of her leaving, with Molly getting cancer and dying. Rather than see the character die though, her death was written from her perspective. We see her outside, on a couch, watching Brendan and Chloe play together. Then we see Brendan drop what he’s doing and run towards us. The screen goes black and the last thing we hear is Brendan yelling in an anguished tone ‘Molly!’.

The strange thing about this is when I think about it, I still tear up. Even writing this, I have a tissue handy.

2. End of Lost- Jack’s death

I stuck with this show for years, even the difficult 5th season when Channel 7 yanked it around all over the place. I wanted to know the mystery of the island, the plight of the Others, the Dharma Initiative and who was this dude Jacob. It wasn’t so much the end of the series which got me so much as Jack’s final scene. Dying, he finds himself in the same thicket in which he awoke after having been thrown from the plane when it crashed on the island all those years ago. Looking up he sees the plane in the air- his friends and loved ones are safe. Finally at peace he smiles and closes his eyes with the last frames a close up of his eye, reminiscent of the first frames of the first episode. It’s as if the circle has been completed, a broken man made whole and finally at peace.


3. When David Tennant left Doctor Who

I had always been an avowed Tom Baker fan, but my allegiances did change with David Tennant. His French phrases, his ability to fix any situation with a banana or a cheeky grin left me helpless to his charms. His onscreen comic chemistry with Donna Noble had me in stitches. The final scenes where the Doctor says goodbye to his companions are quite poignant, but it’s his last moments where he says ‘I don’t want to go’ that really had me blubbing into my tissues, much to my kids’ surprise. It was also the first time they saw Mum cry at a TV show, and I don’t think it will be the last.

4. Last episode of Star Trek The Next Generation

I am truly showing my nerdy colours with this allotment of TV shows! My younger brother Andrew was the Trekkie in the house and I ended up watching the show as I had to tape it for him (he was still at school and it was on too late). Captain Picard was quite the hottie- I think it was more the accent than anything else. The final scene sees Picard finally join the senior crew’s poker game with him dealing 5-card stud…nothing wild and the sky’s the limit.

It was a bittersweet ending as it was so successful and it ended on a high- subsequent movies weren’t as successful in their characterisation and ensemble chemistry as the TV series.

5. Last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

My nerdy credentials are now firmly established :). With a couple of major characters having met their demise, it was tough going- I did have a soft spot for Spike (it may have been the accent) and seeing Sunnydale collapse  into the Hellmouth was very much like the point of no return. And the resulting spin-offs never really did it for me either *sigh*

6. The final episode of Big Brother 2001

Not so much blubbering, but a real sense of loss. I was so hooked on the antics of the first Big Brother, and I wasn’t the only one. I was in Horsham visiting libraries with the lovely Nat. We ended up getting fish and chips for dinner and watching Ben win in Nat’s hotel room. It was a truly bonding experience and we’ve been friends ever since. I certainly felt bereft going home and knowing there would be no Big Brother at 7 o’clock. I ended up watching the ABC news and did so…until the next season of Big Brother :).

7. Whenever Hamish Blake was on Spicks and Specks

Emotional? I nearly wet my pants, with my mascara running down my face with the tears. I don’t know what it is about the guy, he was just FUNNY. He does have nice eyes too, which could help :).

2 thoughts on “Top 7 Emotional Moments on TV, or when I cry like a baby

  1. Hamish Blake is one of my favourites too and of course David Tennant – his Scottish accent does it for me!
    I like the guy on Giggle and Hoot, I watch that with my grandchildren and love his smiling face. He doesn’t make me cry, on the contrary he makes me feel happy!

    • I love Jimmy giggle, and my only regret is that my daughter no longer watches Giggle and Hoot :). I must also confess to a soft spot for Scottish accents- my husband on occasion does a great Sean Connery…

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