Top 7 Journeys

My First Top 7 is 7 Journeys.

Initially it was to have been 7 places I would like to visit, but my recent Grand Tour made me (finally) fall in love with travel. Prior, I had travelled, but the destination was the focus and the means was usually the quickest way and not necessarily the most enjoyable. This time, being away longer afforded a slower pace of travel which was far more relaxing than the fraught security checks and endless waiting that would ensue with planes. That’s not to say days of travel weren’t stressful with 2 small kids, but they became part of the adventure. The destinations were a bonus.

1. Travel down the Nile

Blame my obsession with Agatha Christie when I was 10, but I saw Death on the Nile on video and I was hooked on Agatha, not just for the mystery elements, but the exotic locales in which Hercule Poirot found himself. Unlike Miss Marple, who never seemed to stray far from St Mary Mead, Hercule Poirot went to Egypt and  Mesopotamia and Devon (Evil under the Sun). So my journey down the Nile would involve wearing floaty white/cream ensembles and floppy straw hats and dressing for dinner, and Mr BG would like a maid who looked like Jane Birkin…

2. Go on the Orient Express

I want to visit Venice, and this sounds like the perfect way in which to travel there, from London to Paris, then on to Venice. It would involve 5-star accommodation, excellent service and hopefully interesting characters on board this train.

I was thoroughly impressed and amazed by the way in which train travel was embraced in Europe. It is so easy to get around, with frequent services and much more affordable than planes. I truly am a convert to this type of travel :).

*By the way I have never read nor seen Murder on the Orient Express, though if you want another great movie which involves mystery on a train, please try The Lady Vanishes. There are 2 versions, a Hitchcock one made in 1938 and a Hammer films made in 1979. Both great and involving a British governess who disappears and the people trying to find her.

3. Trans-Siberian Express

From what friends have said who have travelled this, it is an experience. It would not be as luxurious  as some of my other journeys, but just imagine a train journey that  can go for weeks across the SAME country?

4. Get my kicks on Route 66

I don’t think I could travel all of it (mainly because car travel is not my favourite way to travel), but this historic route from Chicago to California has a romantic appeal. I think part of the appeal lies in Chicago and my doing a tribute to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off :). Of course the trip would have to be done in an open top Mustang…

5. My version of the Motorcycle Diaries

I’ve never travelled to South America, and my experience is rather limited to Pele, Isabel Allende and seeing The Motorcycle Diaries. It truly seems like an amazing continent.

6.India & 7. New York, New York

These last two are arguably destinations, rather than journeys. However, my travel through India would definitely involve trains, cities,  and soaking up as much food and experiences as possible. Many people feel what they encounter in India is a spiritual journey and I can appreciate that, and would be open to that as well!

As for New York…well it would be a series of journeys via cab, subway, fast walking, with destinations to all the places of popular culture that I have absorbed through years of movies and television shows. Angela from Literary Minded encapsulated her experiences in New York, likening its familiarity to a ‘giant movie set’. From the New York Public Library, to Greenwich Village, the Empire State Building, the shop window at Tiffany’s, it would be like a journey through all my favourite moments of film and television.



2 thoughts on “Top 7 Journeys

  1. I’m looking forward to travelling the length of Vietnam by train for my 40th in a couple of years time! Driving across Canada: Vancouver to Yarmouth, a few years ago was also an interesting and fun trip despite almost every Canadian telling us it’s long and boring and we should fly, but then again my hubby is easily pleased by seeing endless wheat crops & big farm equipment!

    • Your Vietnam trip sounds like an excellent way to celebrate your 40th :). In the case of the Canadians telling you how long and boring it would be, it’s probably a case of being all too familiar with their own landscape. It can be a huge novelty travelling and seeing endless wheat crops! Thank you for sharing your journeys and wishlist :).

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