My Top Seven

The challenge of writing a blog post a day for a month is finding enough topics to write about. There are millions of topics and areas that I could write about, but I realise I have to like what I write…

Lists are always good, they’re succinct, finite and quantifiable and appeal to my inner mathematician. I also like writing according to a series, I did one on the 80’s and my experiences with them, a week writing about fashion, and I regularly write about books (mainly to maintain the stereotype of being a bookish librarian, but hey, I’m all about conforming), with the Australian Women Writer’s challenge being my main focus this year.

So this week I am writing a series of lists. As I’m doing it over 7 days, it will be a list of seven things on any topic under the sun. I have a few ideas of my own, but if there is a list you would like me to compile, let me know! Email me, post a comment on the blog or stop me in the street and let me know. That has happened exactly once and let me say it was awesome!

3 thoughts on “My Top Seven

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