Ballarat Show 2012

Rather than visit the Ballarat Show on the designated Show Day, which was cold and wet (ah Ballarat, you certainly know when to hail don’t you?), we went on Sunday. The weather was warmer, the crowds were fewer, and there were a few more animals, such as cats, bad-tempered ponies and polo ponies playing polocrosse.

We had our first ride on the dodgems, with both kids becoming quite dizzy after the constant bumping from excited teenage girls that had NO idea how to drive.

The usual haunts were visited, such as the animal nursery

and for me the Craft pavilion, where I scoped out the crocheted blankets, tea cosies and the award-winning cakes.

Of course there were other attractions, such as the spectacular demonstrations

And playing on the gigantic inflatable slides

Finally there was the inevitable stop at the showbags whereupon the kids got one showbag each. There was much deliberation with both, with Miss BG wondering which pink one to choose (ponies? fairies? dollies?) and Master BG wondering which weapon-based show bag was the best. And then we headed home, managing to avoid the fairy floss and saveloys on sticks for another year :).


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