Mads and Glads

When I take stock of my day, I will divide it into mads and glads, things I am unhappy about and things I am happy about.

These are the mads and glads for today. I have felt the need to add more glads, as my mad has made me very, very mad.


I was raised as a Catholic and was very observant in my youth, going to church and attending Catholic schools with my siblings. When I was 18, I began to question my faith and my place as a female in a very patriarchal institution and now describe myself as a happily lapsed Catholic. My parents still attend, but the closest I come to a Catholic church is for baptisms- I spent last Christmas at an ANGLICAN service (much to the disquiet of my father).

The whole furore over paedophilia and sexual abuse on the part of priests and brothers sickens and maddens me. I knew one ‘religious’ brother who had been recently jailed- he had retired to the school my brothers attended. Apart from the systemic abuse of power and authority over young and vulnerable children, the fact that these individuals were and are still protected by their association with the Catholic Church makes me furious.

The Victorian Parliament is currently undertaking an inquiry into the how the abuse has been handled by religious authorities in Victoria, and a special commission of inquiry has been commissioned in New South Wales to deal with how police have handled sexual abuse claims. However, there are many victims and advocacy groups such as Broken Rites who believe a Royal Commission, with the capacity of greater powers, could be more effective and comprehensive.


Captured on my walk to work. Pellegrinis is a Melbourne institution, where nonnas cook in the kitchen and the waiters talk to each other in Italian. It made me homesick for Rome the last time I was there, and I’m Irish!

This weekend will see the Bookgrrl family attend the Ballarat Show- a day where fairy floss and hot dogs on sticks are considered  major food groups, where showbags will be bought, and where I will escape for 20 minutes into the CWA Craft Pavilion to get my annual fill of award-winning sponges, slices and granny squares.

One thought on “Mads and Glads

  1. My heart is filled with pain for those kids who had nobody to turn to in their pain. Not being a member of that organisation, I have no need to protect it in any way. It seems to me that police personnel felt loyalty to the system that hurt those children. A royal commission or else ask God to do something, preferably strike people down.

    Any other organisation would be investigated, but this one has too many members. I am glad you spoke about it to us. Thanks.

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