My cat likes to play in boxes

I was getting a kinder book club order  ready when Tiger decided to ‘help’ my jumping in the box. She always wants to be in the thick of things, especially when I am making school lunches or getting dinner ready. She is always quite happy to put her nose in to whatever Mr BG is doing in the garden.

Her favourite place is being underfoot, much to my continued annoyance. I do miss her, though when she’s not around 🙂

4 thoughts on “My cat likes to play in boxes

    • Cats seem to have an unerring sense of where your feet are going to go and know exactly how to be annoying and push your buttons, much like a disgruntled teenager 🙂

  1. Our dog used to be the same, particularly when you were weeding in the garden, he would plonk himself down in the very place you wanted to weed, or plant and it was with reluctance that he would finally move.

    • My sister in law’s dog was similar, she had quite a strong personality and would boss the other dogs and my sister in law as well!

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