Let’s go to the op(shop)

For the past few months, my pastime of heading off to the opshop for a bit of window browsing and retail therapy had pretty much stopped. I think it had more to do with the fact I had been living out of a suitcase with a limited wardrobe for so long, that I was somewhat shocked to return to a full wardrobe of clothes.

I still continued to visit, but I was dropping off clothes rather than buying. Doing a cull of my wardrobe (and the little BGs) was cathartic :). I also instituted a strict rule of one in, one out- if I were to buy any new clothes, I would have to remove the same number of items from my wardrobe. I try to be mindful of my shopping, even with opshop purchases and won’t really buy, just because it’s a bargain!

I finally broke my opshop drought on Friday. I was browsing through the local Salvos store near my work, and came across this lovely skirt.

It’s a Laura Ashley, black velvet, with gorgeous embroidered flowers and beading along the hem. It was $7.99 and another dollar for the huge tote bag I bought.

I wore my new skirt out that night to a gig where Mr BG was playing.

So now I’m off to my bedroom to weed out a skirt :).


4 thoughts on “Let’s go to the op(shop)

  1. Good find!! We so rarely find decent men’s wear these days we have just about given up. I have scored lots of vintage knitting patterns though, and one sewing pattern for a shirt, so I might make myself a vintage wardrobe instead.

    • It’s hard finding menswear in opshops- and the vintage shops are quite pricey. Good luck with the sewing- you could make a shirt in a breathable fabric as opposed to a synthetic shirt :).

  2. Great find. It is always worthwhile taking the time to have a good browse in the op shops. I bought a fantastic stamping kit for my granddaughter. The kit was obviously from someone who had been into scrapbooking and the whim had passed. It was hardly used, with heaps of stamps and pads and only cost $8. I thought it was a huge bargain as one stamp still had its $4.99 price on it.

    • I can relate to the scrapbooking whim, but luckily my kids have been using up my supplies for their own crafty ends :). The stock in busy stores can turn over quite frequently and it’s always good to have a regular browse, as you never know what you might find!

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