The news according to Bookgrrl

In the news today, it’s cold in Ballarat…

Do you sometimes get that feeling when you have so much stuff bouncing around in your head that it feels like it will explode? That stuff is news you’ve heard, or snippets of conversation, or thoughts that keep you awake at night.

This is my news, which is not necessarily about me, but about the news which has happened recently, and is begging to be told.

Local News– Ballarat has recently held its local government elections, and perhaps for the first time, there has been much interest in the outcome at Chez Bookgrrl. Mr BG is now a Council Employee, we have lived through quite a few local elections in Ballarat to know the candidates, and basically we’re boring election nerds :).

All of this contributed to us constantly refreshing The Courier’s web page, the VEC’s results page, and keeping abreast of what was happening on Twitter. In the end, The Courier’s website crashed, and they were reduced to tweeting the results to the public.

It was a good result, with 4 of the 9 councillors being female. There is a combination of youth and experience and different voices, which hopefully will make for a term that will see decisions being made on long term unfinished business, ie a Civic Hall that has stood derelict ever since I’ve been in Ballarat.

There has been some brouhaha already from one of the councillors who, a couple of days after having been elected, has announced her membership to the Liberal Party. There was an emphasis on honesty and transparency by many of the candidates during the election campaign, and her announcement has not been seen in a favourable light by many, if the comments on The Courier’s website are an indicator. Given her campaign manager is a member of the Young Liberals, and her overall platform and comments, it isn’t really a surprise. What it does mean is that there are at least 5 councillors who have a Liberal Party membership, which may have an impact on decisions and the direction of the council. It acts as a counterbalance to the State and Federal representation, which is ALP.

International News– Hurricane Sandy has swept up from the Caribbean and on to the East Coast of the United States. My friend Jenelle was the New York correspondent for Bookgrrl News and keeping family and friends updated with posts on Twitter and Facebook. She managed to be interviewed on two Melbourne radio stations, describing the buildup to the storm. Thankfully, her neighbourhood in Brooklyn escaped the brunt of the storm, and her local diner was even open the next morning! Jenelle managed to work from home for the days she was absent and went into work in Manhattan the next day- even living relatively close, it took a while to get in. Subways and tunnels are still underwater.

Ad break– Miss BG received a swag of clothes from the House of Kiki and has been wearing them non-stop. The House of Kiki exclusively specialises in recycled little girl’s clothes for Miss BG.

School News– Master BG’s school is preparing for its Christmas Fete, which is a highlight of the year, and a much-needed fundraiser. Last year it was a victim of its own success in publicising, with hordes of people descending, it being hot and sunny and food running out. Queues for the sausage sizzle were half an hour long.

Breaking news– I’m in a cafe and I don’t have a pen in my bag nor a notebook, thanks to little hands rummaging around in my bag. Just when I have ideas buzzing around in my head, thanks to caffeine, there is nothing with which to put them down. This breaking news was brought to you courtesy of Yummy Patisserie at 428A Sturt Street, where they make the strongest of coffees.

Weather News– After a few gorgeous days of sun and heat, the weather has reverted back to winter. Bugger. But as the lady at my local butchers said ‘If it’s cold, people buy roasts, if it’s hot, people buy steak and sausages for barbies. Business doesn’t slow down.’

And that’s the news.


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