Halloween Happenings

There is something about Halloween that I love. It could be all the Halloween specials from the Simpsons, from Roseanne (who did Halloween specials in favour of Christmas specials), the dressing up, or the really unsavory tradition of walking up to a stranger’s house and asking for lollies (have these children EVER heard of Hansel and Gretel?).

While people may scoff at this ‘American’ tradition and the demise of Australian culture in favour of globalism, I for one can embrace the only time orange can be seen as a truly integral part of a festival.

I’m Irish, many of Mr BG’s forebears were Irish (some even arrived as guests of His Majesty’s pleasure), and I feel I can get away with the whole all Hallows Eve bizzo of ghoulies, ghosties, witches and fairies. It has been a Christian tradition, but also a Celtic tradition known as Samhain, marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. It’s celebrated with bonfires and crackers (fireworks) in Ireland. In 2001, we were holidaying in Ireland in October and saw the buildup to Halloween, with heaps of crackers for sale. It was one of the first years that fireworks were legally for sale in Northern Ireland, after having been banned.

There will be no crackers tonight, but the kids are getting dressed up, with Miss BG as a witch (for the sake of creche, she was Hermione Granger),

And Master BG with braces, fez and sonic screwdriver as Doctor Who.

There are also some lollies in the cupboard for a ‘treat’ this evening 🙂


4 thoughts on “Halloween Happenings

    • Oh I did 🙂 I’m not reliving my childhood, because Halloween wasn’t really celebrated back when I was a kid, but it’s fun for grownups too!

  1. I really enjoyed it! My 19 and 16 didn’t trick or treat 😀 , but we had a sign up on the letterbox that had been left on the weekend – just letting kids and adults know that we were open for Halloween, and had a lovely afternoon of visiting children. Really made me think that I rarely see kids outside in the street these days….and we ran out of sweets, so my delightful daughter put up a sign on the letterbox saying we were closed due to lack of treats!
    Not really fussed on the Halloween part, but loved the sense of community….

    • That sounds like a lovely weekend 🙂 We didn’t get anyone trick or treating at home, but we went to a Halloween party at a friends house, where the kids had a ball! They have a Halloween party in lieu of a Christmas one, and due to it not being in ecember, lots of people actually can come!

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