The story of Bookgrrl and the sex shop

I changed my picture profile on Facebook to one of my holiday pics, this time in Bruges. I remember it was one of the sunnier days. We had just spent the morning sightseeing, had been at the park and were on our way back to the hotel to rest.

For once Mr BG had the camera. He said “Smile!” with a cheeky grin on his face I turned around and click went the camera. I knew what he was trying to do.*

bookgrrl and the sex shop

Our hotel’s entrance was down a small laneway and right at the front of the laneway was a sex shop. Unlike similar shops here in Australia, the merchandise was displayed in the shop windows in a very matter of fact kind of fashion. There was none of the blacked out windows, or signs assuring discretion, it was quite an upmarket looking shop. It was also impossible not to walk past it! Usually we tried to walk past briskly, but the naked models and the pink vibrators were an irresistible combination for my two. Miss BG pronounced she would like one of the masks and the pink fluffy handcuffs, and Master BG was simply agog, his eyes like saucers. For once he was speechless.

“What does that do Mum?” asked Miss BG pointing to one of the vibrators in the window.”It’s something to help grownups relax, ” I replied, much to my husband’s merriment (I seem to be the one to get the curly questions…). “Can I have one when I grow up?” was her next question.

I smiled.


4 thoughts on “The story of Bookgrrl and the sex shop

  1. We had a similar experience years ago in Amsterdam, when we inadvertantly wandered into the red light district. ‘What’s that lady doing in the window?’ I think were the words of our 2 yr old. It’s difficult to come up with a coherent answer when you’re put on the spot 🙂

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