I’m on the computer

Looking back at the photos from a Week in the Life, Mr BG was struck by something. ‘I’m always on the computer,’ he stated.

Um, well just in the photos. He can also be found in the lounge in the evening, in the red room playing guitar, or in the kitchen doing the dishes. Sadly I don’t see him out at the clothesline, unless he has followed me out there :). But usually, in a moment of repose, we tend to gravitate to the glow of the PC screen to email, blog, read, listen to music (quite a bit of our music is on the PC) and play games. And by ‘we’ I mean the entire Bookgrrl family.

The computer is set up in the dining area, with the screen easily visible from the kitchen, effectively in the heart of the house. I can see what the kids are doing on the computer, and be on hand for any troubleshooting.

After our holiday I have been trying to reduce my timewasting online, but it’s not easy. I’m trying to justify my time on the computer as a positive reinforcement to my daughter that it is okay for girls to be comfortable with technology, but I think I would rather her being outside riding her bike.

With school holidays approaching, the last thing I want is for the computer to be on all day with the kids or myself, like zombies in front of it. Nor do I want them doing the same thing in front of the TV.

Weather permitting they’ll be outside, or inside doing stuff like reading, drawing, writing, baking, playdoh, or even helping me tidy their rooms. Well, that’s the plan at any rate :).


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