5 lessons I learned today

Today I learned

  1. How to fight off food cravings thanks to the Wall Street Journal. Chocolate was one of the more popular food to crave, as was salty snacks, pizza and ice cream. My favourite craving is usually for fresh bread…mmm, carbs…
  2. That my local Member of Parliament was one of 42 who voted for Marriage Equality. Sadly she was outnumbered by the 98 who voted against the Bill.
  3. That there is no shame in leaving a book unfinished, because you find it a bit dull and somewhat self-serving. Life is too short to finish books you don’t like, drink bad wine or eat that crappy Easter chocolate.
  4. That a person who reads in bed is a librocubicularist. Thank you to Mr. S  for sharing that.
  5. The phrase “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” is an apt way to describe current happenings at work.





2 thoughts on “5 lessons I learned today

  1. I agree that there’s no shame in leaving a book unfinished, but there’s OCD, haha. And I’m going to read this article about cravings now, because God knows I eat way more chocolate than is healthy.

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