Little milestones

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a yellow house with her mum, her dad, her big brother and a cat called Tiger. She was a bubbly, confident little girl who loved playing with her friends at kinder, but she hated saying goodbye to her mum. She would cling and cry and not let go, and wanted her mum to stay with her all the time.
This worried her mum and dad, who were afraid that she would be the same at school the following year. The teachers said she was fine once her mum left, and that it was something she would eventually grow out of. This still didn’t stop her mum and dad from worrying though.
Then one morning, the little girl and her mum arrived at kinder. She said hello to one of her little friends who had arrived at the same time, and skipped off to the mat to see her friends without crying and clinging to her mum. The mum was perplexed, and looked at the teacher who was just as incredulous. she went over to say goodbye to her little girl, who gave her a big kiss and hug and said ‘goodbye mummy’, before turning to her friends and playing with them.
The mum was so happy her little girl had reached this milestone! She remembered when SHE was a little girl, she used to paint with red paint ALL THE TIME at kinder, because it was her safe colour. She also remembered how pleased her own mummy was when she started painting pictures that weren’t red.
So the mum left kinder happy, and a little sad that her baby was growing up. She looked forward to the next milestone, which was hopefully her son being able to find his own shoes in the morning…

2 thoughts on “Little milestones

  1. I had a similar little daughter (and the teachers always said she calmed down straight away). Sometimes it’s a pattern of behaviour? But I think your little girl is just sorting things out- her way….
    I reckon that is one of the hardest parts about parenting- trying to figure out what is happening and worrying about it, reasoning and justifying.
    My baby is now 16 and full of affection. Rings me every day when she gets home for college for a chat.
    I guess Steph- my way of saying- lovely post xx

    • My little girl was fine the minute I left, it was the letting go which was the issue. I just had to wait and let her sort it out for herself rather than intervene. Sometimes not doing anything can be the hardest thing to do! You have a lovely Miss 16 🙂 Thanks Kate xo

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