Unfinished business

Sometimes it can be the death of someone, which brings home the reality that you have things left undone, things left unsaid. For Mr BG, his father’s passing made him realise he didn’t know enough about World War Two, and so proceeded to watch the entire series of The World at War, over a period of three months, day in, day out. His mother’s passing spurred im to start playing music again- there was obviously unfinished creativity begging to be released.

For me it’s something else.

While getting things together for Miss BG’s upcoming birthday celebrations I came across a cute crochet kit to make a little scarf for her. In a moment of weakness, it was bought and I returned home to the realisation I have committed myself to yet another crafty thing to do :).

Currently I have

    1 amigurumi doll I have to sew up
    1 scrapbook of a week in the life from 2011
    1 crocheted cardigan for Miss Bg that when finished, will not fit her
    2 crocheted bibs for my niece
    1 crocheted washer- halfway
    1 half finished cardigan for myself- I lost my count doing a sleeve
    1 half finished scarf
    1 granny square blanket which needs to be sewn together after I finish putting the final trim around the squares
    Several pieces of fabric begging to be made into dresses, skirts, capes for the kids.

Miss BG’s little cardigan, bibs and washer were created on our trip overseas and had to be jettisoned/sent back home after I ran out of space in my luggage halfway through the holiday. The amigurumi, cardigan, and scarf have been buried under stuff in my bedroom wardrobe (more of a case of out of sight, out of mind. The granny squares I had been working on, then I ran out of a specific yarn and have had a bitch of a time trying to get the right colour.

The scrapbook has been sitting on the bookshelf in the dining room cleverly camouflaged against the other books. Speaking of scrapbooks and photos, I also have small mountain of photos from my wedding in 2001 which have yet to be organised into an album.

Why oh why do I have so many craft projects on the go? I have reasons/excuses as to why they’re unfinished, but it seems that I seem to run out of puff, lack the crafty stamina needed to see something through. And it is easier to pick up a book, read blogs online, blog, do laundry, shop, look after kids, than it is to tackle all the sewing in you need to do to finish something off.

So enough is enough- there will be no scarf made for Miss BG until I finish up the other projects, or reassess their value. And what’s more, they will be finished by the end of the year.

I have already started the reassessment! I also had about 15 balls of yarn which I had intended to transform into another blanket, but after having done the granny square blanket, have realised I have overstretched myself. I ended up donating the yarn to a retirement village in Sebastopol for the ladies who like to knit for charity. They will also recive some wool leftover from a blanket I started in 2004, in the midst of pregnancy hormones and nesting :).

And once the more tangible bits of unfinished business are done, then perhaps I can move to the less apparent and infinitely harder business of saying the unsaid…

3 thoughts on “Unfinished business

  1. It;s funny what crafty projects can bring out at times like this. After my Dad died I wanted to make a memory shawl for his wife and I thought I could make it in his favourite colour… which was when I realised that I had no idea what that was! Turquoise as it happens.

    I do know that I cope better when I have no more than one or two big crafty projects on the go, perhaps interspersed with a single smaller project along the way. Anything more than that and I start to get a little panicked.

    • As I have quite a few projects on the go, you may be able to understand why I am slightly freaked out 🙂 At any rate it is keeping me busy and out of mischief!

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