No more Weenie- Miss BG is 5!

Today Miss BG turns 5!
Miss BG 6 weeks

Compared to her brother’s, her birth was easier- 2 hours labour, drug-free and no stitches. I do remember thinking after the first contraction ‘ I know I had agreed to no drugs…but is it too late to ask?’ She was delivered by the fantastic midwives at Ballarat Base Hospital, with nary a doctor in sight.

I remember bringing her home from the hospital and her getting her days and nights mixed up- she loved to sleep during the day and was very awake at night. She would resist going to bed even as a baby and would often fall asleep in my arms, all snuggled up. Unlike her brother, she would often find her way into our bed and would sleep on my chest as a toddler.

I remember how she was always tiny and I’d joke that the only thing that grew was her hair. I didn’t want to cut it because it was curly and fell as ringlets down her back. She prefers her hair out, and is forever losing her elastics at kinder and creche.

She enjoys helping me in the kitchen, washing the dishes and helping me with the cooking. Her speciality is licking the cake bowl clean. She has a sweet tooth like I do, but her favourite sandwich at the moment is cheese, sometimes toasted, sometimes plain.

Miss BG’s hobbies apart from playing, include ballet, and going to the cafe with mummy. Her favourite memory of being overseas was the icecream, which she has the tendency to eat s-l-o-w-l-y….

Her favourite person in the world is her big brother. She loves giving him cuddles and kisses, much to his annoyance and embarrassment. They do get along well together, when they’re not fighting…

She loves her babies, especially her favourite dollies, both called Sarah. Her auntie Kerry introduced her to Sylvanian Families and she loves playing with the little house and people. She is beginning to play with her Barbies, and at night likes nothing more than to ‘read’ her magazines in bed. She is dying to grow up and be a big girl, and today she is another step in that direction.

She can write her name, mum, dad and Master BG’s name. She can recognise most of the letters of the alphabet and her number recognition is coming along well.

She is incredibly strong-willed, knows her own mind and is not afraid to speak her own mind, or yell her own mind. She is my beautiful girl, my gorgeous Miss BG.


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