Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of condolence via Facebook and Twitter, everyone who has left comments and who has emailed me over the past couple of days. It is lovely to know of your thoughts and well wishes.

The weekend was spent with my sister in Geelong and keeping in touch with my parents and rest of the family in Belfast. My brothers have flown over, so a great deal of the extended family will be there.

I’ve been told that Granda has been lying in state in the lounge room in his best suit while the weekend-long wake has gone on around him. He has been kept close to an open window, mainly to keep the room chilled- it’s the first time he hasn’t complained about the open window and it being not warm enough :).

The funeral is Tuesday, and is being organised by my cousin Karen, with contributions from other family members- he’ll be getting a great send-off!


One thought on “Thank you

  1. I love the fact,that despite the grief you are experiencing ,you are able to see and write so humourously.Granda would see the irony ,too ,i suggest. Raises a glass in honour and Granda whilst gently wiping a tear from his granddaughter’s cheek.

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