My 95 year old grandfather, known as Granda, or to my kids, Big Papa, broke his pelvis a few weeks ago. While he has become increasingly frail, his mind is still as sharp as a tack. He does cryptic puzzles like they’re going out of fashion, and loves sudoku :).

He was hospitalised initially and then relocated to a rehabiliation unit which specialises in geriatric fractures. Since he has been there, he has had a few chest infections which have left him weakened more so and his health is gradually deterioriating. In the last couple of day it has become increasingly difficult for him to eat and he seems to be sinking. I think he is ready to go, and all he wants now is to die peacefully.

Dad is his eldest child and he and mum are flying out to Ireland this morning to see him, most likely for the last time. They are both a bit numb, as it’s all happened quite quickly, and mum hasn’t had the usual time to pack. She still has found the time to clear the fridge, have a hair appointment and help to cater a funeral for the church.

So there may be lapses in posting, or there may be flurries of posts. If I’m a bit scatty, you’ll know why.


3 thoughts on “Granda

  1. Granda’s are such special people. I unfortunately never knew a granda as both had died before I was born. My children were lucky enough to have both their grandas, until they were in their early twenties. (my children that is) They loved their grandas and missed them dearly when they died.
    My thoughts are with you.

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