The Domino Effect

The kitchen looks as if a tornado has hit it, and it all started with the coffee machine breaking down.

Debating the merits of fixing a five year old machine or replacing, we’ve replaced it with a stove top espresso coffee maker. The old one was still lurking on the kitchen bench when Mr BG turned around and said
‘You know… you could put the toaster grill in its place- it’s a pain to get out from the cupboard underneath’.

The suggestion was a good one, as it’s used quite a bit at the moment.’How about we place it in one of the big drawers? It should fit,’ I counter-suggested.

That was agreed to, and this morning I set about moving stuff, cleaning out drawers, and finding items that hadn’t been used in years. I remember I also had to clean out the medicine box which was a bit sticky, then discovered more stuff which had gone past its use-by date. Thinking about other things that could be moved, I opened more cupboards to discover more things that hadn’t been used. I have a rice cooker, a blender, a jaffle maker, three fruitbowls and pasta bowl set and a few platters that I don’t really need or want.

Glass have been rearranged, empty boxes have been put in the recycling bin, and my shelves of plastic containers have been given a good cleanup.

By the end of the day, I will have boxed up those items to take to the Salvos, offered a few things on Freecycle and investigated what items I can offload to the local council waste transfer station.( I’m telling you this so I am accountable and it WILL be done).

At the moment though, the coffee machine still stands on the kitchen bench. Mocking me and my mess…


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