7 Dirty Reading Secrets

A confession of my reading habits, inspired by kris wehipeihana

1. I will leave books anywhere in the house, with the book opened face down. This causes untold anguish and irritation from the other more mature members of the house who come across my book, and irritation from me when said members close the book and I lose my place.

2. If a book does grab me, I will suspend everything to read it, including all parenting, domestic and wifely duties. I read A Suitable Boy at uni, despite having several assignments due- I simply HAD to finish it!

3. I read all of the Twilight books, even though I didn’t get the whole Edward/Bella thing. And it pretty much confirmed they were crap.

4. I would read Mills and Boon books at the end of each semester when I was at uni to switch my head out of academic mode and into holiday mode.

5. I forget to return library books- a lot. In 1984, I moved from Ararat to Geelong and did not return a book I had borrowed from the Ararat library. Getting a library job has somewhat lessened the whole library fine thing…

6. I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey, but I do read erotica and have since I was a teenager.

7. I am not a reading snob and will happily read anything, including the back of cereal packets!


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