Aftermath of trip2012

It has been a week since we tumbled out of the taxi in front of chez Bookgrrl.

There is nothing like a long plane trip and returning to winter in Ballarat to take the gloss off the holiday. The jet lag and sleep deprivation can also lead to feeling and being quite weepy about not being in London, or Rome, or Paris anymore.

But what has been really heartening is everyone is glad to see you and wants to catch up with you! There is another topic of conversation other than how cold/wet/miserable/dark it is in Ballarat :).

After a couple of days off to get over the jet lag, the kids returned to school and kinder. Both were treated like stars when they returned.’You’re back!’ exclaimed a little girl to Miss BG.’I nearly forgot what you looked like!’

Master BG regaled the class with reading from his journal, painstakingly written over the holiday. It was a good aide-memoire, and he used it as a launching pad to expand on his entries.

Miss BG brought some photos in and was able to show her friends and teachers her adventures. I got a quick kiss goodbye, rather than the clinging limpet I usually get, she was so engrossed in telling her stories.

Mr BG was welcomed back to over a thousand emails, and handed over the obligatory duty-free chocolate present to the staff.

As for me- well there have been roses to prune, laundry to wade through and meals to cook. Luckily I am still waking up early which will make it easier to get out of bed when I return to work. On the other hand, a late night for me at the mement is 9.00pm :). DVD movies have to be watched over consecutive nights as we find ourselves nodding off…

I have also taken to switching off. Rather than leave appliances on standby, the telly, toaster, kettle and microwave get turned off at the switch when not in use. Rather than leave the computer on all day, I turn it off when I no longer need it.

I am also reducing my time spent online. The enforced absence from being constantly connected is something I want to maintain. It doesn’t do me nor my family any good to be relating to a screen rather than to other people.

And I am reading more, trying to finishing my granny square blanket and getting to know my new niece. There are untold pleasures to be had at home :).


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