And now the end is near…

A smooth return trip on Eurostar, and we’re back in London. This time we’re in Angel, a stone’s throw from my brother Mark’s little flat and staying at the Premier Inn. It’s close and convenient, but the family room is basically a queen bed with a couch made up for one child and a trundle bed jammed in between. The spaciousness of other family rooms in our hotel stays in Glasgow, Lewis, and Enniskillen are sweet distant memories…

The hotel rooms are beginning to take their toll, as it is hard for the kids to settle while we’re in the same room, so it is a case of early nights for us, or a lot of arguing and settling excited children for ages.. I am finding the rooms are a bit stuffy and the duvets a bit too thick, so you are tossing and turning trying to find a cool spot, throwing off the duvet, and then waking up feeling a bit chilled.

The prospect of my own room and bed is somewhat enticing, but none of us really want the holiday to end. What is supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime has whetted our appetite to see more of what we have missed. I would love to get a Eurail Pass and see Venice and travel through Austria,  and Germany, go to Denmark and Sweden, and see more of France other than jidt Paris and see Spain for the first time. I want to visit all the places in London I still haven’t visited, like Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London and go on a Jack the Ripper walking tour in East London. I hope there will be a next time!

Our second last day was spent re-packing our cases, to balance out the weight, while the kids went to spend some quality time with their uncle Andrew and ‘aunty’ Helen, who delighted Miss BG in giving her a makeover. I took a final stroll up and down Upper St, saying goodbye to a lovely neighbourhood.


This was the first place we stayed in in 2001 with the lovely Miss S and her husband Mr S. It’s become a bit upmarket since we first stayed there… Real estate prices in this area do not appear to have suffered any downturn due to the recession.

A final drink with friends at the Lexington and a final dinner with my brothers at Jamie’s Italian finished off the night. It was my first time at a Jamie Oliver restaurant, and it was loud, noisy and very busy. The food was very good,  with my sea bream with a salsa rosso being a very tasty main. It was just there were a lot of flavors and textures competing in what should be essentially very simple dishes- the tartness of a lemon curd slice was overwhelmed by the inclusion of nuts and berries as garnishes, and I think my tiramisu would have tasted better without the inclusion of orange peel shavings, and the coffee flavour was a tad uneven through my serving.

Still, it was a good time with my London family, who will be much missed, especially by the younger members of the BG family.


3 thoughts on “And now the end is near…

  1. Once again, thank you for all your reports. I have enjoyed them so much, partly as a Londoner originally, and partly as a librarian in retirement in Oz. I have memories of many of those places and am glad you enjoyed them too.

  2. Thank you so much for taking me on your family holiday through Europe. Coming into work and turning on my computer will be a tad grey from now on. I loved the anticipation of “And where are we going to be toay?” You went places that “Getaway” won’t take me. Welcome home!

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