Indie tracks

The reason why were in Derbyshire was to attend a music festival – Indie Tracks, where you get to the festival by vintage train, where you get to see performers play on the train, or at a railway station where there are multiple stages including a church, and where you not only have a merchandise stand, you have a craft tent, a playground and a display of owls.


Mr BG was doing a set at Indie Tracks in the church with Pam Berry, who had been a bandmate of his in a band called The Shapiro’s and who had recently sung on his recent EP he had released on Matinee which you can get from the label *. He had always wanted to go to Indie Tracks and he was chuffed he also got a chance to play!


His very vocal fans were there to whoop him on after each song. The church was packed and people were standing outside listening to him and Pam.

The only music festival experience I had to compare it to was a Big Day Out I did in 1995, which was completely different in so many ways, especially I terms of the weather and footwear. As opposed to it being a 38 degrees day where the wearing of sunscreen was de rigeur, Indie Tracks called for anoraks and wellies, which came in all colours and sizes. I lashed out in a pair of wellies (I said gumboots and all I got were some blank stares) and I felt I almost fitted in.

Of course there were some very stylish people attending and some very stylish boots.

Fashions at the Festival ranged from the practical to the vintage statement for the ladies, and the band tshirt/Ben Sherman combo with achoice of denim jacket, anorak, or Ben Sherman Harrington jacket for the gents. There was a gentleman who was making a daring statement in a black floral dress and beard, but I could never get the camera out in time to get photographic proof…

The other huge difference was the size of the festival. There were about 1,500 people attending, most of whom have been going for years and who as a result, knew each other very well. It was hard to be an anonymous person- you were known. It felt like living in a country town, and considering it was held in the Wolds of Derbyshire, it certainly was!

We attended over the Saturday and the Sunday, with the kids loving the fact there was a playground on site. They made friends with other indie kids and were sad to leave at the end.

We got to see some cool bands play, eat yummy vegan samosas, and generally got to pretend we were still the same people who used to journey to Brunswick St or the Empress Hotel on a Saturday night to see bands and hang out with our friends BC (Before Children).

*Yes this is a blatant plug, but he is my husband, and if I can find a way to pay off this holiday, I will take it…

One thought on “Indie tracks

  1. Glad to hear that you are all having agreat time. Alas ‘The carnival is nearly over’ (with apologies to the Seekers).Cant wait to see you all xxxx Mum and D

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