A quick post about Derbyshire

We took a walk on Stanton moor to see the nine ladies stone circle . The air was bracing and I truly felt like Lizzie Bennet striding across the moor- a somewhat grumpy Lizzie Bennet, whom I’m sure was never dragged along by Mr Darcy to see yet another bunch of stones.

The views across the valley were pretty, but what caught my eye was the wish treebeside the stones. The oak tree was covered with offerings, ribbons and prayers. It made stones and the setting seem even more pagan, as well as emphasising the connection that people still have with ancient sites and nature.

We didn’t get to see a well dressing, or visit more of the local area, but we got to see a little bit of ye olde England that made our very brief stay here special.


One thought on “A quick post about Derbyshire

  1. Thanks again for sharing all this. I have no desire to spend time and money going ‘home’ so this is just right for me.

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