London calling (again)

Back in London again! We were staying for 4 nights and were back in our flat that we had stayed before, much to everyone’s delight. Our little flat in Highbury feels like a second home, and the children who lived next door to us welcomed us back excitedly.

Master BG was leading us back home, changing trains with ease at King’s Cross. ‘It’s easy when you’ve done it before mum,’ he explained later; ever the seasoned traveller!

Catching up with my brother Andrew was a double surprise as we were reunited with Woof Woof, who had arrived by mail from Lewis on Saturday. The Master Independence became a little boy again as he gave his dog a big hug and never let him go for the rest of the night.

The Imperial War Museum was our first stop, and it was buzzing. There were quite a few tourists, and at least 6 different school groups, all marking time before the end of the school year with excursions to free museums. The kids were revelling in being out of school with limited teacher supervision. We tried to avoid the school groups if they were in a particular exhibit,so we didn’t see everything, but what we saw was excellent. The main exhibition hall was filled with tanks from Germany, Russia and the UK, V2 rockets, planes like a Spitfire, Messerschmitt, and a Sopwith Camel hanging from the roof.

The next level contained a little fishing boat which was the smallest vessel used to evacuate Allied Soldiers from Dunkirk (which evoked memories of The Snow Goose for me) and part of a Lancaster bomber, which was very special to Mr BG, whose uncle Max had been a gunner on a Lancaster Bomber during the war.

There was also a profile of a family who had lived in Lambeth during World War Two, and an exhibit on the Secret War and the roles of secret services and special forces in government and society. It was quite a thought-provoking exhibit, posing questions such as ‘Do we really need them anymore?’ It also had an Enigma machine, captured from the Germans, which was pretty cool.

We also used the chance this time to tick off a couple of sightseeing spots.

We called here but no one was home

And it was the same story here…

Giving up, we headed for a spot of shopping at Covent Garden and the London Transport Museum, and later at the Chapel Market in Angel…


Next stop Stanton Lees, via Nottingham!


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