Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

Sunscreen? Check!
Sunhats? Check!
Short-sleeved tops? Check!

This is what we had when we went on our day trip to Whitby, on the coast for a day at the seaside. The plan was to have fish and chips, have a play on the beach and tour the Abbey. What we should have brought was
A somewhat more realistic expectation of the weather (well actually Mr BG should have brought this)

All you could see on the long train ride to Whitby was water, trickling down the windows, pooling on the station platforms, and keeping the windscreen wipers of cars busy. Mr BG was optimistic. ‘It was just like this yesterday,’ he announced, ‘And it turned out to be a beautiful day!’

It was a bit windy, and cloudy when we arrived at the seaside port of Whitby, a setting in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and home of the ruined Whitby Abbey. Mr BG’s optimism was beginning to fade. The suggestion to eat fish and chips indoors was accepted and we trooped off for some upmarket fish and chips, where they tell you where your cod and haddock were caught and they offer exotic sides to your lunch, like salad and mushy peas 🙂 .

Finishing lunch we stepped outside to…rain, lashing down and being whipped about by the wind. Huddled under the awning of the restaurant, I could not help but break out into song. ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside,’ I started, but I was asked to stop by an increasingly pissed-off Mr BG. Luckily we were next door to a discount store and we equipped ourselves with umbrellas and we set off towards the old town and the Abbey.

Within 5 minutes the rain had stopped and all we were left with was the wind. We climbed up the 199 Steps to the Abbey, and saw views like this

and this


Yes! Blue sky amongst the clouds!

Heading back down to the old town, we stopped to admire the picturesque little streets, and window shop at the many Jewellery shops who specialise in Whitby jet. Well not exactly window shop…

By this stage the weather was less threatening and more and more tourists were about. There were school groups, a few Goths (celebrating the Dracula connection- there’s a Dracula Dungeon near the amusement arcades), and a lot of elderly tourists. Were they visiting for nostalgia’s sake? For its proximity to their own home towns? I often wonder why people visit the places they do.

The fickle weather dealt its final blow to us as we were leaving Whitby- the sun finally shone, and it was warm for about half an hour. By this time we were on the train rather than soaking in the rain, we were soaking up the beautiful countryside through which we were passing. Lambs, cows, rabbits and even a pheasant!

The benefit of hindsight is that looking back, we were extremely lucky that this was the only amount of rain we received on our day trip. Other parts of England were experiencing torrential rain and flash flooding, with extensive train delays between Scotland and England. Our area of York was buffered somewhat and all we received was a heavy shower while we were on the train just outside York. We are also in England in their wettest April to June period since they began keeping weather records 🙂 .


4 thoughts on “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

  1. Your necklace is reminiscent of Charles Rennie Mackintosh style.
    We visited Whitby too. It was a sunny day when we were there – pure chance, the sunshine that is.

    • It reminded me of his style too! I love it and have worn it practically every day. You really play weather lotto visiting a coastal resort in Northern England 🙂

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