Glasgow to Skye

We left Glasgow on a very cold and rainy morning. Everyone we spoke to in Glasgow was quite apologetic about the weather, saying it was not always like this in the summertime. ‘The Scottish did invent the umbrella and the mackintosh’, was something that could have been mentioned to them, had I thought about it at the time.

Once again we were on the train and took in some spectacular scenery of mountains, sheep, lochs, sheep and trees obscuring the spectacular scenery just as we were about to take a photo. Oh well, there was always the return trip 🙂 .

There was a lot of musical chairs as we took turns sitting next to everyone, playing cards, reading, or looking outside and counting the numerous stations to Mallaig. Five hours and twenty minutes later, we arrive and head towards the ferry terminal – about 100 metres away. A very brisk walk, and a bumpy trip up the gangplank and  we’re on the  ferry!

Compared to the train trip, the ferry ride was quite short at 40 minutes. We arrive and with the exception of a very light rain, it’s considerably warmer then Glasgow, at least double figures (Ballarat winters do seem to hone your sensitivity to temperature fluctuations). We pick up our car and head for our accommodation.

The roads still take a lot of getting used to- the windiness of them, my unfamiliarity with them and the car means I’m driving slowly, so the distances between towns seem all the greater. The final stretch of road to our little house is one lane, with passing lanes every 100 metres or so. A road which is about 8km takes me 15 minutes to drive. Apart from the occasional passing car, there is also sheep grazing by the side of the road, and rabbits!

The owner Stuart is there to greet us and we take in the beautiful little house and surroundings. Outside our windows we can see the beautiful garden, the hills dotted with grazing sheep, the sea and distant mountains, at least those which aren’t obscured by low lying cloud.


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