Northern Lights

I saw a rainbow as a light rain was falling outside.  Through our lounge window, I could see the sunlight make the whitewashed cottages on neighbouring hills gleam whiter against the surrounding green. It was 10pm, it will be twilight at 11pm and at 4am it will start getting light.

It’s my first experience of a Northern European summer, and it’s doing my head in. The kids love it, and have had lots of late nights. I’ve had lots of late nights and early mornings, mainly because it’s strange to go to bed when it’s still light! The first thing I look at when we go to new accommodation are the curtains, to make sure they’re thick enough to block out the light.

I am such a wuss.


2 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Currently 7.57 am and the street lights are still on. Shortest day of the year. I will trade you for your rainbow at 10.00 pm. Happy birthday Mr BG.

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