I am going outside, and may be away for some time*

We’re heading off to Skye this morning, and I have been awake since 4am, or basically as soon as it got light. I’m in Glasgow at the Grand Central Hotel, so grand, it has a lovely fluffy robe for me to wear while I blog (too much information?).

I don’t think we have Internet access at our house, so it will be somewhat quiet here in the blog. I was going to say dark, but as we’ll be fairly north, it will be light here all the frigging time. Thank goodness for block out curtains at the hotel, and I hope we have thick curtains where we’re staying.

Rest assured I will be putting pen to paper, taking photos and sharing them when we get back to Glasgow (again staying at the hotel, which is very swish and close to very good shopping:-)).

A couple of things I would like to mention
1. Blogjune, where librarians blog every day of June, is on again. Check out the blog posts by following the #blogjune tag on Twitter. It is something which I have done for the last couple of years and there are heaps of good posts which come out of it!
2.I have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger award by Travelling Bag! Thank you very much for the nomination. More will come of this when I return back to the blog.


No this is not where we’re headed, rather a final pic of Ireland of Dunluce Castle near Portrush.
*apologies to Oates


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