Ireland would be a great place if it had a roof*

Enniskillen is where my granny Kitty lives as well as my Auntie Stephanie and her family. Set on the shores of Lough Erne, it truly is a pretty town with lovely stone houses and bridges, and beautiful surroundings.

It is also  where Ireland has lived up to its reputation of incredibly shite weather, so bad it made Master BG remark ‘Gee, it’s just like Ballarat!’. Which is strange, considering that Enniskillen makes much ado of its outdoor activities of angling, boating, horse riding and golfing. When you wish to do any of these activities though, your enthusiasm is somewhat dampened by the rain…

It rained for two days solidly, which resulted in the Bookgrrl family ensconced in our accommodation watching TV, playing Scrabble, reading, or escaping to an indoor play centre so the kids could let off steam. Our accommodation was sadly not blessed with wifi access, and our tablet was put to good use with endless games of Angry Birds 🙂 .

In the end we stayed another day so we could stay another day in order to do the one thing we wanted to do- visit Devenish Island. We missed it the last time we were here as we thought we were too late in the year for the ferry to operate. As it turned out we were in the wrong place entirely. When we finally found the right jetty from which to take the ferry, we discovered the service had been booked out by a tour group and the only places left were located outside in the rain. Being sensible wusses, we declined and opted for another day, then as the weather worsened, yet another day.

As it turned out, staying another day was a blessing in disguise. We had a fantastic pub meal that night at the Horseshoe and Saddler, where Mr BG discovered the delights of champ. It was a traditional Irish pub, with little booths, wood panelling and lots of horshoes and saddles adorning the walls. I had a sudden thought was the pub decorated like this because it was expected of them them as an Irish pub in Ireland and pandering to the tastes of visitors, or had it always been decorated like this? My head was spinning so much I needed another drink, in this case a nice Australian Shiraz to go with my lamb cutlets…

Queuing up for the ferry, it was grey and cold, and then a small miracle occurred- the skies cleared, we saw blue sky and sun! By the time we arrived at Devenish Island, it was sunny and warm(er). Devenish was beautiful with its round tower, ruins of a monastery, and little cemetery.

We only had 45 minutes to climb up the tower, visit the museum and go up the church tower before we left on the boat. It was a magical trip though, and for once the weather gods smiled on us 🙂

*Direct quote from an Irishman

5 thoughts on “Ireland would be a great place if it had a roof*

  1. Ireland is definately on my ‘To Do’ list, Devenish Island sounds worth a trip. Love keeping up with your travels and if you pop over to my site you’ll see I’ve passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you 🙂

    • The Emerald Isle would not be so green without the rain 🙂 . It was an Irishman who said it to us, and I just had to share it.

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