Coronation Street

We have been somewhat swept up into Jubilee fever while in England. Supermarkets are promoting their goods for street parties, shops are being festooned with red, white and blue themed window displays, and there is bunting and flags EVERYWHERE.

The United Kingdom will be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee by having a bank holiday and a public holiday on Monday and Tuesday 4-5 June, and towns everywhere will have streets closed off for street parties. In London, celebrations will be on the Thames and there will be crowds not seen since Kate and William’s wedding last year. Even in Australia, diehard republicans love the Queen for the Queen’s birthday public holiday we get in June, but I don’t think we celebrate to the same extent as the British.

It is funny to see how different countries display their national symbols. In Italy, their tricolour flag was hung everywhere, on hotels, outside shops and restaurants. In France they were somewhat more respectful and placed outside official public buildings (of which there were several hundred) like railway stations (I could spot the Gare du Nord from afar thanks to the flags). In England, the Union Jack, especially at the moment, is displayed as a celebration of being British (and a great way to brand souvenirs!). It is a symbol which draws people together in Britain, regardless of class or football affiliation- pretty much like her Maj. It can be quite easy to get carried away with all the pomp- a bit of holiday madness. I may not get a chance to take part in a street party, but I’m sure there will be a few commemorative souvenirs making their way into my luggage…


2 thoughts on “Coronation Street

  1. I was surprised by the number of Union Jacks in Scotland. Generally the Union Jack is rarely seen in Scotland, the St Andrews flag being the flag of preference.

    • I think it was largely due in part to the lead up to the Olympics. With the torch relay happening all over the UK, there was a great deal of patriotic fervour and excitement about Great Britain hosting the Olympics.

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