Bookgrrl versus the Eiffel Tower

Once upon a time there was a little boy and girl who were travelling around Europe with their Mum and Dad. When they got to Paris the Mum and Dad asked the little boy what he wanted to do. ‘Climb the Eiffel Tower!’ was the answer. His teacher had gone up the tower and he wanted to do the same. So they arrive at the tower to find….a queue, the most hated aspect of travelling to popular tourist spots.
Unfortunately only one lift was in operation and the queue to get on stretched miles and miles. The family shivered in the wind and the cold. The little girl shivered and complained about the long wait, but the mum and dad persisted, until defeated by the cold wind they departed for the relative warmth of a carousel.
The second time they arrived it was slightly warmer, but the queue was even longer. The parents looked at each other in despair. What was the point of standing in a line for over two hours when there was so much else to see in Paris? The family retreated to travel on a Seine river cruise and sight see, and vowed to get up even earlier, come hell or high water.
The third time, the family turned up one hour before the tour was to open. They joined the queue, which only had about 100 people in front of them. They were warmly dressed, and prepared for the wait. They stuck it out, and were rewarded. The tower finally opened, the moved along in the queue, bought their tickets and got on that blasted tower. It didn’t matter that it was foggy and overcast and they couldn’t see as far as they liked. They were on the tower, and it wasn’t too crowded, and there was heaps of cool information about the tower aimed at schoolchildren who would come and visit on an excursion. The mum, dad, little boy and little girl were very happy that they finally got to climb the Eiffel Tower.


Until it started to rain.
The end.


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