Pitti, Pisa and (fare la) Passegiata

I was seriously missing green, and the ubiquitous Italian flag was not cutting it.

We headed to the Pitti Palace, not only to see how the other half lived (aka the dukes of Tuscany and for a while, Napoleon), but to have a gander at the Boboli Gardens.

They are absolutely huge and you could easily spend hours there in the gardens. They also offer an excellent view of the city.

Our last day was spent on a day trip to Pisa, ostensbily to the Campi dei Miracoli. We took the local train, and that was a bit of an adventure. Pisa itself is quite a pretty town and it took us about a 15-20 minute walk from Pisa Centrale station to walk up to the tower.Yep, it’s a tower that leans, and half the Italian tourist industry was there at the stalls around it selling souvenirs to the hundreds of people that were there. The church and Baptistry are beautiful and part of the grassed section was available for sitting on.

We had a lovely stop though at the Botanical Gardens which are part of the University of Pisa. We saw it through a grille in a fence and thought it would be a good place to stop on the way back, if only to eat our lunch.

It was lovely- a secret garden in the middle of a city. There are lots of green spaces in Florence, in the middle of palazzos or apartment complexes, and you can only really get a glimpse of them from the street. There was a small charge, but definitely worth it for the tranquility and calm (maybe also due to the fact it was attached to a University).

I had one last stroll through Florence by myself to get something for dinner. It was also a chance to say goodbye to Florence. I had a brief conversation with someone in Italian and who called me signorina (flattery will get you nowhere!), and another person who thought I was Italian ( in her defence the light was in her eyes).

It was a nice way to end my trip to Florence. It was not entirely what I hoped for, but I ended up having some wonderful moments. And gelati, limoncello and coffee…


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