We apologise for the break in transmission

There has been a couple of technical issues which have struck our trip. The tablet was not charging properly in Florence, and it has taken a couple of days before we have been able to get internet access in Paris. As a result there is a backlog of posts which are nestled in my paper journal that are dying to come out and breathe the sweet air of internet freedom. I also though have to fight with all members of the family for access it was so NOT my idea to put Angry Birds on this device.
I will leave you with this


My two little BGs pretending to be Roman Statues at the Colosseum 🙂


4 thoughts on “We apologise for the break in transmission

  1. Who knew Roman statues looked just like little teapots! tip me over pour me out! Look forward to the posts once they get their CPR.

  2. Our internet access was non existent on many parts of our travels. Next time we travel I hope to have a tablet and be in places with access. Having said that I really didn’t miss the internet once I got used to the idea that I couldn’t have it!

    • I think when you don’t have access at all, you can get used to it, and actually enjoy not being tethered to being online!

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