All roads lead to Rome…

Where do I start? Do I start with Miss BG deciding that her hair needed a haircut an hour before we were due to leave for theairport and decided to take matters into her own hands? Or should I regale you with the combination of lack of sleep on my part and the airlines deciding that a child’s meal includes lollies which lead to very buzzy children on a plane?

No, I reckon I’ll start with the fact we have survived the trip, arrived in Rome on a grey, rainy but WARM day, and settled into a lovely self-contained apartment in the Prati district, which is walking distance from the Vatican, great shops and gelaterie (in fact, one is never too far away from a gelateria in Rome I think). There is one around the corner where you have to take a number to be served and line up much like the Soup Nazi :).

We’re staying in an apartment which has meant lots of adventures such as finding a supermarket to get essentials such as coffee, bread and milk, pasta, fruit and cheese. We have discovered the need to bring shopping bags in the event of a shop as bags are often not provided.

Master BG is totally stoked to be finally in the land of pasta and has been eating his weight in the stuff.

Other Italian epiphanies include

pizza is bought by the weight, and they have the most scrummiest crispy thin bases
ricotta is quite nice on toast
you take your life into your hands when you cross the road, which is chock full of tiny little cars and scooters
the concentration of religious is particularly noticeable around the Vatican, with lots of nuns, monks, and priests in the traditional cassocks
schoolkids in Rome are lucky- they get to see the Sistine Chapel, while kids in Ballarat have Sovereign Hill…

So far we have visited the Castel Sant’Angelo where there was a little playground for the kids to play upon. Master BG declared it boring and instead insisted on racing up and down nearby steps. It was here that we bought the world’s biggest donut, which the four of us struggled to finish.


The two little ones enjoying Rome.
Next stop, the Vatican…


4 thoughts on “All roads lead to Rome…

  1. Having just done the flight to and from Australia to Paris I take my hat off to you for doing such a long plane trip with two children. You deserve a medal.

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