Grateful April

A recurring hashtag on Twitter throughout this month has been #gratefulapril. This is what I am grateful for today…

1. Living in Ballarat in autumn- clear, sunny days, leaves turning, beautiful light and everyone is happy.

2. Grateful for this sunny day because I don’t have to put my three loads of washing onto a clothes horse in front of a heater to dry it.

3. Grateful that I have a job.

4. Grateful that I work part time, so I can spend more time with with my family.

5. Grateful for my personal trainer Tim who pushes me and who hasn’t punished me for rickrolling him on Twitter- yet…

6. Grateful for Jenny, Miss BG’s kinder teacher who is trying to make drop off time a little less teary.

7. Grateful that I can walk to the post office, supermarket, butcher, cafe, school, and physio.

8. Grateful for my neighbour Shannon who will look after Tiger when we’re away.

9. Grateful for the fact that my 7 year old son still likes sitting on my lap when he reads his book.

10. Grateful that Miss BG is finally dry during the night!

11. Grateful for Mr BG making me cups of tea at night when I can’t be arsed getting off the couch.

12. Grateful for Mr BG organising and researchng the bulk of the holiday.

13. Grateful for my other neighbour Robyn for letting Miss BG play at her house while I went to school to pick up her big brother.

14. Grateful for Mr BG not really caring if we have a takeaway chool for tea tonight :).

15. Grateful for my gin and tonic, a perfect way to finish the day off…



5 thoughts on “Grateful April

  1. Great reflection and ironically I am grateful that in Geelong, unlink Ballarat I don’t have to pour warm water over my car windscreen every winter morning just to drive to work! LOL!
    Read this post and thought it tied in nicely with your post and #gratefulapril

    • LOL- that is true about Geelong. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I had to de-ice my car windscreen in all the years I lived there! One thing I will be grateful for later, is missing out on a Ballarat winter by being away 🙂 Thanks for the link- it is a great piece.

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