Chocolate Pear Pudding

There are some people who love Nigella, but I am a tad ambivalent- I usually find her recipes are quite rich and very decadent. But she was there when I needed her.

I had six very ripe pears in the fruit bowl, which I wanted to turn into dessert. I usually poach them, but they would have turned to mush. I thought of making them into a tea cake and started looking at my collection of recipe books for inspiration. That was when I turned to Nigella’s Express (a Christmas present from my foodie brother Andrew) and saw a recipe for…

Chocolate Pear Pudding!

The recipe called for tinned pears, but I just peeled and halved my ripe ones and arranged them in the dish. The pudding part was  simple, throwing the flour, baking poweder, butter, sugar, eggs, cocoa and vanilla essence into a bowl and mixing the bejesus out of it. It was bunged in the oven for 30 minutes and this was the result.

It was devoured by all and sundry with cream, though Mr BG thought a chocolate sauce would have been good. I refrained from hitting him over the head.

The verdict- it was very rich and I was grateful for the lightness of the pear to cut through the rich pudding base. It could have done with a tarter or stronger fruit, possibly raspberries, though it would be quite an expensive and even richer dish.

I have some Granny Smiths in the fruit bowl, which need eating…apple crumble next time!

And in other news I’m on Instagram- thanks to the fact that Android users can now access the app :). You can find me at bookgrrl99!


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