Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays

Scene 1

Saturday. 7.15am. Bookgrrl’s bedroom.

Bookgrrl and Mr BG are asleep in bed. Bookgrrl is awakened by someone entering the room.

Master BG: *loud sigh*

Bookgrrl: mmph?

Master BG: I’ve had the most terrible start to the day (in a dramatic tone)

Bookgrrl:(muffled) And why is that?

Master BG: Because no-one has wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Bookgrrl and Mr BG (in unison): Happy Birthday!

Master BG, now satisfied, exits bedroom.

10 minutes later, Master BG gets his birthday present, an iPod touch, with 2 songs loaded and about 10 games already on it.

Scene 2

Sunday. 1pm. Windsor Hotel Melbourne.

Attending is Bookgrrl and the lovely Ms S.

Occasion: Bookgrrl’s 40th birthday extravaganza celebration. Good things come to those who wait.

Sandwiches were lovely, but I have better scones at work.

A delightful way to celebrate my birthday with wonderful company :).


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