Hey, ho, let’s go!

Master BG participated in his school’s athletic carnival on Wednesday. It was a twilight event, to allow working parents to attend the running events after work, with most of the tabloid and field activities happening in the afternoon.

I volunteered my esteemed sticker abilities to stick stars on the cards of the Grade 1s as they completed their events.

The hurdles were tiny, the concentration on the kids’ faces during the egg and spoon race was priceless and the sack race was a source of great hilarity. The children got extra points for the loudest cheers, as well as the straightest lines. Despite there being different house teams, all the kids were in mixed teams, and it was fun seeing them cheer on their classmates regardless of their house colour.*

It was my first chance to see Miss Danielle, Master BG’s teacher in action with her student-wrangling abilities, and she did an excellent job :).

Later on in the day, we saw him running in the 200m and the 70m sprint. He was tired but he ran his best and he finished. He didn’t come first, and he didn’t come last. I was never an athletic person (despite having played basketball, netball and indoor hockey while at school) and I’ve never placed a great deal of emphasis upon the whole sport thing, so the fact he had a ball is what pleases me the most.

The way in which the whole school community in the evening came together to celebrate the children’s sporting achievements was laudable. There was a parents versus teachers relay race, taken very seriously by all competitors, and a siblings race in which Miss BG happily participated with her kinder friends. The award to the winning house was graciously accepted by the Red House captains who thanked the students for participating and the teachers who organised the event.

*The house teams are Thorpe (Red), Moneghetti (Green), Freeman (Blue) and O’Neill (Yellow), after Australian male and female swimming and athletics Olympians, which has received the Bookgrrl stamp of approval.


2 thoughts on “Hey, ho, let’s go!

  1. I used to love athletics carnivals! I’ve no idea why, I was never any good at it. Swimming carnivals, on the other hand – stuff of nightmares.

    It’s lovely to see kids enjoying themselves and being active 🙂

    BTW, my primary school had sporting houses too – Clarke (Red), Mackay (Yellow), Brabham (Blue) and Gould (Green).

    • I was hopeless at athletics, but I enjoyed the team sports like tunnel ball :). For a couple of years I would sit out the swimming carnivals because I was crap at diving into the water. My (Catholic) primary school had sporting houses, but rather than being named after sporting heroes, they were named after holy places- Lourdes (Blue), Fatima (Red) and Carmel (Yellow).

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