Begonia Festival

The Labour Day long weekend is known in Ballarat for the Begonia Festival. I remember pestering my parents to go when we lived in Ararat, an hour’s drive away, but we never went*. This year the Bookgrrl family went for the first time to see the Begonia Parade which is held on the Labour Day public holiday.

The kids were incredibly excited!

You have brass bands, pipers, local businesses and schools in the parade, as well as the local Trades Hall Float.

Yuille Park Community School which serves Prep-Year 8 led the parade with an Aboriginal Theme.

There was a float for the Library with the theme Alice in Wonderland. As luck would have it, someone from a bakery was right in front of me as the library came into optimal view and I couldn’t get as good a picture as I would have liked.

Eerie Tours which run ghost tours of Ballarat and the cemetery made an appearance. Their gothic clothes are stunning, if somewhat incongruous in the sun.

You also had lots of cool vintage cars including this little dinky one!

There was also a number of multicultural influences, especially Chinese Dragons which featured in a few of the schools displays. By this stage, Miss BG was hiding behind me, as she finds them a tad noisy and scary, so it was a bit hard to take a photo. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and had we didn’t have to head back home, we could have stayed at the Lake to have fun at the myriad of stalls that were situated opposite the Botanic Gardens. There is always next year…


*I also pestered my parents to take us to Kryal Castle when it first opened, and it was the same answer. Whenever we drove to Melbourne Kryal Castle would loom out of the morning mist so tantalisingly close, and yet so far…



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