Friday Photos Part One

You would think that uploading a photo a week to Flickr would be easy, but life has a funny habit of getting in the way of good intentions, as well as dodgy internet connections, children and husband clamouring for attention…

The premise of Friday Photo is to share up to 3 photos a week on Flickr. There is a Friday Photo Group consisting of people far and wide, librarians mostly, but all very nice people. Each week has a particular theme.

There were a couple of weeks I missed, but here are the photos so far

Week 1- Beginnings

These were the colours we were deciding upon for painting our lounge room. In the end, we chose none of these colours and opted for another one altogether (fig leaf if you want to know).

Week 2 Colours

The most colourful thing in our house is a $10 golf umbrella- a shame it wasn’t sunny!

Week 3 Work

Taken just before 6am, having arrived at the station on my bike. This is when I start my commute to Melbourne for paid work…

…and then come home to my unpaid work…

Week 4 Birds

This was tricky, as I’m not really a bird person. A trip to a bric a brac shop when I was visiting my sister-in-law in Toora saw me ooh! Click!

Weeks 5,6 and 7 I missed completely- I took some photos but didn’t upload them on time.

Week 5 Outdoors

My home street in Ballarat, in the early evening

Week 6 Light

A fantastic lighting fixture at the Baillieu library taken at Library Camp.

Week 7 Reading

A cheating post of Master BG reading to his sister

Week 8 Eyes

These are my eyes. I have worn glasses since I was 10 years old and was called four eyes more times than I care to remember. I got them and not long afterwards I started wearing braces- yep, those years were not particularly great… The braces are off but the glasses remain.

Week 9- Opposites

A photo taken in Crossley Street, my favourite laneway in Melbourne near work. With the theme of opposites I chose Old and New, with the old architecture of the Salvation Army building in the middle ground, with the background being the twin towers of ANZ.

Another one I took much earlier this year of Mr and Master BG. It would be big me and mini-me, but honestly these two are such alike at times…


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