I’ve been tagged by Kate to complete a Handwriting Meme which basically entails writing on a piece of paper the following things:

  1. my name
  2. blog URL
  3. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  4. Favourite quote
  5. Favorite song (at the moment)
  6. Favorite band/singers (at the moment)
  7. Say anything you want
  8. Tag 3-5 bloggers

Sometimes I’ll write in my notebook when I’m on the train. It may be a idea for a blog post, or an outpouring of emotion about stuff, people or work. I write lists at work and at home and I have been known to pop a notebook into Master BG’s lunchbox exhorting him to eat ALL of his lunch- an occasion which left him somewhat embarrassed. Mental note- must do that again :).

My handwriting chops and changes all the time, from a jerky scrawl to a more rounded flowing script. The feeling of putting pen to paper is such a tangible and personal way of expressing how one feels in a way that a keyboard cannot convey. I have a collection of cards and stationery and notebooks which are ever ready for me to use, just in case. I don’t often have the chance to use them to send letters like I used to…

So I throw down the challenge to @gemmas1980, @shewgirl and @polyxena to continue!

2 thoughts on “Handwriting

  1. I think this meme has shown that I need to write more….my kids love the notes…they are obviously put out when I don’t leave any. Carl -being more artistic than me puts cute drawings as well!
    But writing letters and cards almost seems like a lost art.

    • I dread writing Christmas cards because they’re en masse, but I still like putting pen to paper. I usually have a pen and notebook in my bag for keeping little hands busy too. I don’t write as many letters as I used to, but it’s always nice to receive a handwritten card or letter :).

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