Words of the day

Weather- a preoccupation with most people in Melbourne and for commuters who can travel from one weather zone to another. I can hop on the train on a warm clear day and disembark in relative coolness and cloudiness- like I did this morning. For a change, Ballarat was warmer than Melbourne! However, please spare a thought for Queenslanders who are experiencing rain and deluges, which are very similar to last year’s devastating floods

Epiphany– the sudden realization of a larger meaning of something, from the Greek epiphaneia, “manifestation, striking appearance”. That moment of complete clarity, which puts your mind at rest, and spurs you to make a decision.

Parasol- A wonderful way to keep the sun biting at your shoulders. Why need a hat when you can have a parasol?

Reduced capacity- two words you do not wish to hear regarding your train home, as it usually means sitting on the floor of the train for over an hour. Nor did it help being stuck behind a suburban train which stopped at every station for the first half hour of the trip.

Hello- the best words in the world as I come in the front gate from the little BGs as they came out to greet me, and drag me off to the local fish and chip shop for dinner.


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