Crochet Mojo or 10 things I’ve been doing that don’t involve blogging

I’ve finally have 10 minutes to sit down and say hello to my blog, and to you! It has been a busy few days chez Bookgrrl, as is the usual case when it is school holidays. So here is what I have been doing which has caused me to neglect my blog.

1. Swimming lessons at the YMCA- the kids have had fun this week and are gaining in confidence in the water. While I have been sitting out watching, I’m going to take advantage of my membership and do a few laps in the big persons pool tomorrow!

2. Painting splotches of paint on the lounge rom wall. Sample pots are a boon, though the lounge currently looks like a young child has decided to become the next Picasso in his ‘green period’ 🙂

3. Dentist visits. Both children needed fillings this week and appointments were scheduled on separate days so I could go in with them separately. Master BG was full of questions, even when he had happy gas, anaesethetic, and copious dental tools in his mouth- that boy could talk underwater! Miss BG, apart from an inital case of nerves, that involved onyl sitting in the dentists chair, as long as I was sitting there with her, was a trooper, and both of them deserved a…

4. Trip to the bookstore. This was the promised treat for being so brave at the dentist’s (I kinda figured that sweet treats were out of the question). Mr BG ended up with a Horrible Histories activity book, Miss BG loves her new book of fairy tales and I came away with two classics, The Harp in the South and Playing Beattie Bow. The last time we were there, Master BG came away with the idea he wants to buy the bookstore when he’s older. I suggested going to the library was a cheaper option…

5. Shivering. This is something I am used to doing for about 6 months of the year in Ballarat, but January was not a time I was expecting to have to put the heater on. It’s been bitterly cold the last few days which was probably why I was inspired to start…

6. Crocheting! It had been ages since I last picked up a hook and with an impending project I have to start soon, I thought it was as good a time as any to practice with granny squares. They’ll be joined up soon to be a rug for my bed. It’s being worked in blues to complement the bedroom which is blue and white. I have been crocheting at night on the couch, and for the past couple of days at the swimming pool. The aspect of crochet I like is that there’s only one hook, rather than two knitting needles and it’s faster than knitting.

7. Reading books, as opposed to reading blogs. I’ve been dipping into crochet books, but I have started a couple of books which hold promise.

8. Watching TV with the kids- now this is a bit unusual, as we’ll watch DVDs together, but TV shows are a bit hit and miss. This has been made easier for us by the ABC which is currently screening Doctor Who  from 2005 onwards at 7.30 pm. If anything it reminds me of my own childhood, watching Doctor Who with my parents and sister and brothers a long, long time ago.

9. Plotting stuff for the blog. I may not be writing anything down, but things will pop into my head, while I’m hanging out the washing. The washing line is where a lot of my thinking about life takes place, as it’s as far away from the house as possible and I can’t hear the kids :).

10. Getting acquainted with Pinterest and reacquainted with Tumblr, though admittedly not spending a great deal of time with either.



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