Roman Holiday

Following requests from Kerrib and @gigglesigh to know more about my brushing up of my Italian, I’m letting you in on the grand plan.

We’re going on holiday- again. We went overseas 15 months ago, but time is of the essence and the little BGs won’t be so disadvantaged by missing a term of kinder and school now. The holiday will be for 10 weeks, and will involve

  • visiting relatives in Ireland (something I can’t not do),
  • seeing my brothers in London
  • visiting Derbyshire and Yorkshire, which is where my maternal grandfather was born
  • staying in Glasgow and Skye, which is where Mr BG’s maternal ancestors were born
  • one week in Paris, staying in an author’s apartment in Montmartre and …
  • two weeks in Italy! We’ll be spending time in Rome and Florence, with possible day trips to Pisa and Siena.

Master BG is very excited we are going to the land of pasta, Mr BG is very happy to be seeing some Roman ruins and I am over the moon to be seeing Florence. Ever since studying Year 12 European History and looking at the Renaissance and the Reformation, I have been yearning to go. I did Italian at uni concurrently with French, and want to use it. I want to walk through the streets and piazzas, stand in front of masterpieces and drink it all in- not to mention drink lots of coffee and beautiful Italian vino :).

Travelling will include trains, planes and ferries, including a trip on the magic Hogwarts train.

The plane tickets have been booked (thanks to Hannah our lovely travel agent at Travelscene), most of our accommodation in self-catering apartments has also been booked and soon we will start looking at train timetables.

The excitement is beginning to bubble, but I won’t let myself get too carried away, not until I’m walking through the departure gates at Tullamarine!


8 thoughts on “Roman Holiday

  1. OMG how fantastic! When does this wonderful holiday start? I’m definitely green with envy! I have been to many of the places you mentioned but just for short snippets (gotta love Contiki!) As an english lass myself I love the UK and Ireland and am desperate to visit Scotland. Europe is amazing. I love Paris and Italy was amazing. Enjoy 🙂

    • We’re heading off at the start of May. We’ve spent a lot of time in the UK and Ireland visiting my family, but this is the first time in Italy for both of us. I think I’m the only member of the family who has yet to go there! we visited Scotland about 10 years ago and am looking forward to visiting again 🙂

  2. So excited! Please ride a Vespa with wind in your hair and drink proper coffee for me. Oh yeh, and share it with us on your blog – 10 wks you lucky lucky thing!!!!! 😉

  3. That sounds a great holiday. My husband and I are planning to spend time in Scotland in July after six weeks in France. I love the idea of the train trip.

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