Ready, Set, Read!

2012 marks the National Year of Reading and is part of a compaign by libraries and library associations to help children learn to read, help readers find new stories and inspiration and to promote reading across Australia. Many notable Australians have been awarded the title of Reading Ambassadors, including authors, illustrators, politicians and people in the public eye.

Essentially it is set around books, with competitions being held to determine which books personify Australia, events in Adult Learners Week, as well as those targeting children, youths and indigenous literacy. It is exciting and one that promises to be a great way to expose more Australians to the wonders of reading.

It has also made me reflect upon my own reading habits. I have found over the last few years, the number of books I read have dwindled. I’m still reading every day, but so much of it is online, on online newspaper sites, websites and blogs, facebook and twitter.Much of the information I retrieve for my users at work tends to be online content, which is easily transmitted, or able to be viewed on a desktop. Even my professional development information comes in the form of online articles rather than journals, and I have gotten into the habit of skimming across an article to save time.

Like Kate said in a recent blog post it feels like I’m grazing, rather than reading in depth.

I’d like to, in this National Year of Reading to read mindfully, to absorb and reflect more upon what I have read. I could aim to read over 100 books this year, but I would rather focus on quality reading, rather than powering through a heap of books.

How do you read? Do you have any reading challenges for yourself this year?


4 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Read!

  1. I’m aiming (as always) to read 52 books. One per week. And if I don’t make it…who cares! As long as I’m enjoying life then I’m not too fussed and if grazing on words is how I do this then so be it 🙂

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